EWB Montreal

Our Vision

Is to catalyze profound systemic innovations in engineering industry and in the engineering profession, changes that ensure they continuously fulfill their potential for positive impact on global society. To do so, we strive to be facilitators of a discussion around this concept: Global Engineering.

Our Objective

Is that, by 2014, Montreal is recognized as a Global Engineering leader across Canada, hosting Canada’s first National Global Engineering Conference – an opportunity for industry, professional associations, universities, non-governmental organisations, engineers and non-engineers to discuss which systemic innovations will and already are fundamentally changing the way things work in engineering industries for the better of global society.

Our Plan

In June 2012, EWB Montreal held the first Global Engineering Challenge, a competition between several industry and university teams to prototype systemic innovations in their own industry that empower engineers to ensure or increase their positive impact, with judges from industry, academia, politics and the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ). The results were remarkable: teams embraced the challenge and came up with creative ways of making their industry evolve, while the impressed judges agreed that opportunities like this are what the industry needs.

This year, EWB Montreal aims to grow the summer Global Engineering Challenge into a Provincial Global Engineering Conference, on the road to becoming a national conference in 2014. In order to do so, the chapter is focusing on three strategic priorities:

1. Investing heavily in the knowledge and capabilities of our most engaged members to develop them into credible ambassadors of Global Engineering, systemic thinking and EWB’s approach in Africa;

2. Building a strong and diverse community – a critical mass of conscious, caring and active global engineers and global citizens hundreds or thousands strong;

3. Establishing credibility with engineering industry and the professional engineering association (OIQ) and engaging with them about global engineering.

As a complement to these outcomes, EWB Montreal will be taking the first steps towards putting in place the Montreal City Network of EWB, a network bringing together not only the EWB chapters of Montreal, but also like-minded organisations, such as the OIQ, those promoting Fair Trade, those developing social entrepreneurship and all those fighting for social justice.

Previous Projects

Run to End Poverty

 Sunday, October 21, 2012, in association with Tour des 3 sommets Brébeuf

Run to End Poverty is a team of compassionate runners coming together for a common cause – to bring an end to extreme poverty in Africa. Since 2006, runners across Canada have run together to raise awareness about extreme poverty, and to build support for Engineers Without Borders’ (EWB) development efforts in Africa.

Run to End Poverty provides team members with the opportunity to train together, to learn together, and to race together within local high-profile running races. Through coaching and training workshops and weekly group runs, beginners can build a strong base while experienced runners can improve their abilities and aim for their personal best!

The Run to End Poverty team is unique in that each running event is partnered with a run in developing communities across Africa, where EWB is working hard to build local capacity and create positive change. Through this connection, Canadians can learn more about international development and the people whose lives are changed by organizations like Engineers Without Borders (Canada). By raising awareness through high-profile local races and through the people we touch during fundraising activities, we hope to build stronger support for Canadian international development initiatives.

Run to End Poverty was a huge success this year, with over 70 runners and more than $15,000 raised. You can still donate here. A big thank you to our photographer Pablo Herrera Cruz and his photography company Rikchak for the awesome photos of the event. Be sure not to miss out next year!

Global Engineering Challenge

June 15, 2012, Maison du Développement Durable

Engineers find themselves at the heart of some of the world’s most complex problems. Their work impacts many different stakeholders across international lines. Furthermore, engineers have a fundamental duty to serve society. But does the current engineer embrace that complexity and understand the greater context of their work?

The Global Engineering Challenge (GEC) is an event bringing together young engineers, experienced professionals, students, industry representatives and the professional association, to think globally and to share about our impacts, in a half day competition that focuses on the impact of the engineers on society. Teams of 3 to 5 participants, representing an individual company or school will be challenged to think systemically about their industries and the roles they play within them.

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