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Do you want a unique opportunity to contribute directly to EWB’s work in Africa and pursue your own professional development? How would you feel about helping thousands of Malawians have better, more effective access to clean water? What about helping turn Zambian farmers into true agricultural entrepreneurs instead of recipients of aid? Or helping develop infrastructure in Ghana according to the needs of those who need it most? Are you working or are in your last year of study?

Some member the Montreal professional chapter already have seized this opportunity. Currently our Fellow, Tatjana Trebic work for Kulemela Investments in Tamale, Ghana.
Kulemela is an ethical investment group, started as a venture by EWBers (Canadian and Ghanaian), that links local agri-businesses to growth financing through flexible investment capital. For now, you can learn about the group here: I will be working with Andrew and Selase on improving the group’s due diligence and loan monitoring processes, as well as determining the social and financial metrics required of businesses that qualify for Kulemela’s investment dollars.
You can follow Tatjana’s fellowship with her blog: You can put her to work for a day by making a donation through her blog.

The recrutement campaign for our next Fellowship will start in the beginning of 2014.

To learn more about the program and to see what it has to offer, visit


Testimonials from previous Professional Fellows:


Meghan GilmoreMeghan Gilmore

When I set off for Malawi I was prepared for an adventure. Ready to live in a village, without electricity or modern sanitation facilities, I had my anti-malaria meds and a first aid kit, and most importantly, an open mind. 

The professional fellowship program is so much more than an adventure and the experience of a lifetime.  It was challenging and eye opening and pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone. But it wasn’t the rustic village life or the unfamiliar work conditions that pushed me. It my host mom, a woman who didn’t speak the same language but somehow became my best friend. It was a team of bright, driven people who pushed me to see past everyday roadblocks and challenges.  It was a complex system that forced me to ask questions that I’m still looking for answers to.

As an EWB Professional Fellow, my work has never been more inspiring or more frustrating. But I have also never learned so much in such a short time, or felt more connected to the world we are living in.

To see more about my experience you can visit my blog at:

Dana Dana Giacobbi

Dana Giacobbi was the Montreal Chapter’s Professional Fellow in the fall of 2010. After an initial 4 months in Burkina Faso, Dana extended his stay by an additional 6 months before coming back to Montreal and taking on the role of chapter President.

 What made you decide to work overseas with EWB as a Professional Fellow?

 “At this juncture in my life, and starting with this placement, I hope to resolve the direction in which I am headed: will I use my engineering background to tackle development issues, or will I use the lens of human development to redefine what it means to be an engineer?”

I applied to be EWB Montreal’s Professional Fellow in February 2010. The above quote is taken from my application that year and is a truthful answer to what made me decide to apply…Read more here

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